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ECW Cross Cutting Theme 1] Gender Development

Access to DevelopmentThrough this Strategic Goal ECW desires to Promote Practicing Democratic values, Mainstream Equal Social Participation & Activism...

ECW Cross Cutting Theme 2] Investing in People

Investing in PeopleThrough this Strategic Goal ECW desires to increase social equity amongst citizens and to create opportunities for acquiring skills...

ECW Cross Cutting Theme 3] Access to Justice

Access to JusticeThrough this Strategic Goal ECW desires to strengthen citizen’s access to justice and to further improve the quality of justice support system

ECW Vision

As a non-governmental, non-political, and non-for profit humanitarian organization came into being when Taliban were ruling the country, where an atmosphere of degradation, choking, and depression were forced to the residents of Afghanistan. The worst hit of the situation were women and girls where even their movement was adversely limited along with deprivation form all the basic human rights.
To contribute in the reduction of the misery of the girls and women a group of the committed and devoted Afghan women took the initiative of establishing  Empowerment Center for Women (ECW) In October 1997.

ECW VISSION: Empowering Afghan Women.

ECW MISSION: Support the expansion of assets and capabilities of Afghan women to participate in, negotiate with, influence, control and hold accountable institutions that affect their lives.


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