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Project News: Women Sustainable Livelihoods through Environmental Conservation Project

ECW is implementing the “Women Sustainable Livelihoods through Environmental Conservation” project to conserve the population of medicinal and aromatic plants in 12 villages of Fayzabad District, Badakhshan Province.

The main purpose of the project is to develop 12 women environmental enterprises and sustain their plants’ based incomes for supporting their families, socio-economic and development needs.

In the implementation, ECW conducts ecological reconnaissance survey to identify the plants, wild habitat, people dependent on it for livelihood, threats that plants faced, and community efforts in plants conservation. ECW identified 66 plants with significant uses for medicinal and aromatic purposes, and its use and women dependencies for their livelihood incomes. 12 women households, who were earning from it since last 10 years, have been organized in an enterprise structure, trained and linked with communities, markets and NEPA, Directorate of Agriculture in Badakhshan.

The project beneficiaries are 12 women led enterprises and 400 households who were assisted in cultivation of nurseries lands farms.  

ECW is expecting that by the end the project women beneficiaries will be acquiring skills to sustain the livelihoods and generate income of their own. The women will be using technology to process the products and sell it at the markets.


The project duration is 7 Months (1st May to 30th November 2018)

This project is being supported by ANCB in collaboration of Embassy of Japan financially.

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem

Muslims around the world will observe four weeks of fasting from tomorrow as Ramadan begins. May this Ramadan bring joy,  health and peace our beloved Afghaninstan.  May all guide us all throughout the journey in life.

Best Wishes

ECW Team


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