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Policy Dialogue - Identifying People’s needs and finding solutionsEmpowerment Center for Women- ECW Kunduz Office organized Provincial Policy Dialogue on 21 May 2013. In this even representatives from provincial governor office, department of women’s affairs, provincial council, religious leaders and ulema, youth, NSP, departments of agriculture, education and civil society were invited.This event was financially and technically supported by Counterpart-IPACS. A representative from counterpart also participated to assist in discussions and provided suggestions where need be At the beginning of the event, five main problems of Kunduz people that were identified through community dialogues by community representatives were introduced.

These five main problems were in areas of Health, Education, Infrastructure, Women and Youth and Agriculture. Some of the government representatives from the above list also shared their views on the importance of such policy dialogues as an opportunity for people to raise their basic and most urgent needs.
The participants were divided in give working groups to discuss the identified problems and come up with recommendations and a work plan to work on it. Within each group a volunteer advocacy committee was also established who will be working on a plan to raise the identified problems and their recommendation with the senior government officials in Kunduz province through advocacy initiatives.

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