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From Word to Action

ECW is implementing the “Monitoring and advocacy on elected government representatives pledges” that has been financially supported by Democracy International with the main purpose of tracking the progress of President Ashraf Ghani’s pre-election commitments and the National Unity Government’s (NUG) post-election commitments as one of the key media and civil society mechanisms to promote government accountability. For this purpose, on 23rd October 2016, ECW conducted a civic education session on the “From Word to Action” website (www.govemeter.com) for 30 university students and teachers in Khorshid University in order to get them involved in the reporting process. Out of 30 participants 20 of them were female.

Humanitarian Assistance for Kunduz IDPs

ECW in coordination with Department of Economy, Department of Refugees and Repatriation, Department of Disaster Managment and Office of governor of Kunduz Province has delivered Humanitarian Assistance for the displaced families of Kunduz province. This process has been also coordinated with UN-OCHA of Baghlan province where the Kunduz displaced families where there and now the families retuned back to thier houses. This process will continue in comming days too. Humanitarian Assistance kits were included of food and hygine kits that is supported by War Child UK. ECW and War Child are also working in 9 communitites to establish Child Friendly Centers in Kunduz province too.


Center for Street Working Children

ECW is implementing “Education and Protection for Vulnerable Children and Integration into Formal Education System” for 149 street working children, both girls and boys and 121 parents. The project was designed to address the social, protection and educational needs of street working children in Kabul, Afghanistan. Promotion of child participation and child rights is a cross-cutting theme throughout the intervention. The purpose of this project is to deliver quality accelerated learning and psychosocial support and protection to vulnerable street-working children and integrate into the government schools in Kabul City. Beside Education for children, ECW provides training workshops on child rights and child convention for parents and children, building self-confidence among children, carrying lobbying and advocacy and networking. This project is supported financial by War Child UK.


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